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Where our stories meet yours…

Kaia Gallery, a pure touch of Hoi An
It’s such an excellent time to extensively explore our country from nature to the people’s culture when international flights have just been resumed.


Room & Suites

Mỗi căn phòng là một nhịp cảm xúc thanh tao…

ADAGIO chậm rãi dịu dàng bên balcony lộng gió

Khúc dạo đầu nhàn nhã như INTERLUDE

Những nốt nhạc khe khẽ là PIANO với khoảng xanh mênh mông qua khung cửa

Uyển chuyển mơ màng trong bản NOCTURNE


Art Space

The exhibits at the Hoian Gallery Hotel offer a window into a contemporary world.

The examination of art is essential, and it is presented in a modern and versatile manner, through the careful selection of artists, designers, fotographers…

In touch with the KAIA