Granpa Quiet Garden Residence

Where our stories meet yours…

Peace of mind, we all long for …
Childhood , we all dream about…
Walking through the garden
Strange but familiar
To A place that we call home

Nestled in an quiet road in center Da-Nang city, hidden behind a pure quiet garden, The Kaia Residence, a highly personalized tailored stay with only 10 apartments, is a constant reminder of the beauty of the 20th century modern architecture.

The main focus for the design was to preserve all of the original architecture of our Grandpa’s Villa which was built in the 1960’s, starting from the terrace to the iron windows and all the fruit trees in the garden, it gives a nostalgic feeling, a feeling of the good old days, to the residents. The lighting set up and the customized interior display offer a uniquely warm feeling of love, coming from all the font memories of our dearest Grandpa.

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